First blog post

As we creep to the finish line of 2016, I’m reflecting on this past year. It has been a year of change. Our youngest daughter graduated high school, our 14 year old fur baby crossed the rainbow bridge and broke my husband’s heart (she was his working dog), we became empty nesters, and my business has begun to take a little shape from its incredibly modest beginnings in 2014.

Of course, I’m going to take a shot of some scenery here and there, or my dogs looking pathetic begging for a piece of sandwich. But, I’m coming to find my passion when I’m behind the lens. Rough stock and barrel racing, with other horse events as secondary’s.

I’ll be leaving 2016 at a rough stock event in Penrose, Colorado at Crossroads Bar and Grill, and as we all enter into 2017, that will be my main direction. 

And, I’m going to try (key word) to be more attentive to this fancy new blog and simple website.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!


7 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. They used to have nice places for photo albums. WordPress is easy to hack, so keep track of the important stuff and be careful what you post. In my 10 years on here I’ve had no problems, thewn I post BS …. have fun.

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