Dirty Your Boots

What are your dreams?

You can hope from the grandstands of life, but you’ll never have a chance to be a contestant until you step into the arena. Will you walk through that gate and step into the sand? Will you walk the walk to get to the chutes?

Maybe you aren’t ready to ride just yet. That’s okay. Get in there anyway and stay on the ground. Breathe the air, feel the dirt, listen to the sounds, and observe from a new place of perspective. Don’t just buy your ticket to watch, earn your right to ride.

If it’s really in your heart, you’ll never tire of working for it. It won’t matter how slow you get there, as long as you’re learning from every contestant ahead of you as you make your way from thought to action. Don’t just think it, begin to be it.

One thing is certain…

        “You can only get there, if you get your boots dirty…”


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