Another Man’s Trash…

From junk heaps on the side of the garage, to landfills and junk yards, we’ve all seen consumerism left behind. We call it junk, garbage, trash and a plethora of other synonyms for the word, “waste.” Most of it goes by without any thought and it gets heaped up in dumps, whether large or small.

But, what if you are a wanderer? Or a collector of treasures? Then, you understand that there is beauty in the abandoned. A place where progressive action hasn’t wiped out history can be a place that someone like me gets to cash out. I don’t find myself in modern landfills, but I do find myself in places old enough to have been replaced by the up and coming newest trends.

Rarely do I take a sampling of my finds, because I prefer photos, and to leave things be, for a day when another stumbles upon my trail of treasure. Archaeologists a thousand years from now will need something to find, right? But, with photos, I can take something to share with others that may never be where I’ve been.

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A pickup abandoned in a field thirty years prior, a piece of tin blown many miles in a Colorado wind storm, an old brown medicine bottle, even a building that is falling down, gives way for a roaming imagination to place a new perspective into the atmosphere. In that moment, it may not be a functioning object, but it is beautiful to someone that sees it differently.

Attitude is within. You can treasure something unkempt, and polish it again to give it a new life, or you can sneer at its unpleasant appearance and toss it to the side and never give it another thought. The choice is yours. One man’s trash, isn’t always trash at all….



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